Tulsa Is To See The Great Raft Race Returning

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From 1973 to 1991, a Tulsa tradition was The Great Raft Race. It would bring hundreds of assorted rafts with their racer and thousands of spectators every Labor Day weekend. The race would take place on the Arkansas River.

Through those years, the race became more and more popular. The opening day parade held the Saturday of Labor Day weekend was a popular attraction. It would get everyone excited about the upcoming race with the variety of rafts that paraded down the street.

There is no explanation as to why the race was halted, but the Public Service Company of Oklahoma has announced The Great Raft Race is returning this year. It will be launched from the Sand Springs River City Park and head to the West Festival Park boat ramp by way of a 9 mile trip. There will be several other activities taking place along with entertainment and booths with local foods.

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Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Being Investigated By Grand Jury

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A recent selection of grand jurors was decided to investigate the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office and 100 residents of the county have been summoned. Presiding Judge Rebecca Nightingale will oversee the trial in regards to removing Stanley Glanz from office based on 20 different areas based on a petition Marq Lewis and We the People Oklahoma.

Some of the 20 areas that are being probed by the Grand Jury include:

• A gun-buy sting operation near an elementary school.

• Whether reserve deputies were trained and qualified to serve on special units.

• Whether a “Buy a Badge” program was instituted by the Sheriff’s Office.

• The relationship the Sherriff’s Office, the sheriff and the reserve program with contributions, donations and gifts.

• Whether proper records have been maintained by Sheriff Stanley Glanz as required to comply with the Open Records Act.

The Grand Jury session was determined needed after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled unanimously not to assume jurisdiction over the case. Glanz’s attorneys sought a writ of prohibition in effort to block the grand jury’s impaneling, however, the justices made the decision against taking the matter on.

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The Second Shawshank Fugitive Cornered While His Accomplice Was Shot

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The Second Shawshank Fugitive Cornered While His Accomplice Was Shot

Second Shawshank Fugitive Cornered While His Accomplice Was Shot.

Richard Matt is now a dead man after three weeks of being hunted down due to his high profile escape from a maximum prison in upstate New York. He finally met his death after he tried to carjack a camper van. His accomplice David Sweat is still being pursued by the police. Currently there is a heavy police presence inshoot-out New York. Other reports indicate that there was heavy fire near Malone, New York. Both men escaped on 6, June.

While other reports say that Richard was shot 20 miles South of Canada while trying to cross the border, it is believed that his accomplice David Sweat is surrounded by police and it is just a matter of time before he is nabbed. The scene of Richard Matt’s shooting is just 47 miles from Clinton Correctional facility, the maximum prison where the escapees made away from. Police say David Sweat must have been with Matt prior to his demise.

According to his criminal record, Matt is a convicted criminal jailed in 1997 for torture and dismemberment of his 111former boss in Tonawanda New York. Sweat on the other hand was serving a life sentence on charges of shooting dead the Deputy County Sheriff of Broome on July 4, 2002. Matt kidnapped the elderly man and brutally beat him up before he drove him around in the trunk of his car.

A two mile square around near Lake Titus is where Sweat is believed to be surrounded. Officers on the scene are ready to shoot though they have not yet seen him. Millions of Dollars have been used in tracking the two murderers. Sniffer dogs and helicopters were used to trace them in the biggest manhunt ever to occur in History.

The escape by Matt and Sweat was made able by the help of a certain Joyce Mitchell who aided them by tools that were smuggled in the prison hidden in meat. Mitchell is a 51 year old grandmother who worked in the prison as a tailor. She allegedly had sex with both killers inside the facility and had helped plan everything pertaining to their escape. The prisoners left dummies to bluff guards at the prison. Truly this seems like a scene out of the movie, the Shawshank Redemption

This is an escape that was high profile that it even drew the attention of New York Governor Mario Cuomo who reminded reporters that Sweat is a dangerous man and could be armed. Speculation is rife that Sweat might hang himself due to earlier belief among the police222 that Matt did not want to be caught alive.

Gene Palmer 57 who was arrested on June 24 is another individual who was also involved in the murderers escape by allegedly distorting physical evidence of their escape. He is alleged to have exchanged art made by both Matt and Sweat for a screwdriver and a needle-nose pliers hidden in frozen meat. Later he led them to catwalks past a brick wall and through a steam pipe to a tunnel which led the prisoners outside the prison.

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Pop Culture’s Latest News

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Pop Culture’s Latest News


Yes, she clearly has swooped another of the billboards. Billboard Readers Poll was recently held and featured all music that has appeared on billboard this year badbloodand she, again won almost everything. It’s pretty hard to hate this girl who clearly knows what the music industry is all about. Her latest release Bad Blood in which features Kendrick Lemar was voted unanimously by fans to be the video of the year. She wrote and single handedly produced this track and it has become really a huge deal. The girl has talent and clearly all her critics can now shut up. Her album, 1989, was also voted as the most favorite album of the in the Billboard 200 number 1 albums category. This album is one of the most successful albums of this year so this actually did not come as a surprise. This girl continues to rule the airwaves and awards and we here wish her all the best. Also, One Durection walked away with the coveted First Half MVP prize or their work in new material in the first half of this year.


Yes this list was recently released and you won’t believe which couple is on top. No, it’s not Beyonce and Jay Z. They have been replaced by the newest couple on the block and that is Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift, the two raked in so much that they just overtook B and J. This couple have been making headlines for weeks now and you can’t fail to notice them, how powerful of a force they are in the music industry. In their own individual rights, they are really awesome and their successes in their respective taylormusic genres speak for itself. Together, they brought in a combined weight of $146 million due to their lucrative endorsement deals with diet coke, keds, Giorgio Amani and Sol headphones. They are also set hit the studio soon and do epic stuff together. We can’t wait for this.


Glatonsbury 2015 happened and the stage was line with a whole load of celebrities that gave extraordinaire performances. Florence + the machine was on after replacing Foo Fighters whose lead singer, Dave Grohl had apparently broken his leg, it’s actually been 8 years since Florence + the Machine played at this festival. So was Kanye West, who I thought has gotten over his dismall performance GLASTONBURYat the 2015 billboard music awards that was marred by booing by almost half of the fans in attendance at the huge event. There was an online petition that was signed by over 134 000 fans who wanted him to be dropped and his slot replaced by a rock band but the organisers of the event had to give the HipHop fans a reason to attend the show. Mary J. Bilge too did not disappoint and she put up an amazing show for the fans. The Zombies too, considered one of Britain’s long lost bands will also make an appearance on Sunday evening so you can expect to see them there.

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